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We develop professionals.

The question we’re asked most frequently is, “Where do you find such exceptional people?” That’s one of the finest compliments we can receive. Basically, we rely on these three sources to help keep us staffed with people that are not only creative and highly competent in the culinary field but also excel in “people skills.”

An Internship Program

With our professionally designed internship program many college students living here and abroad receive college credit while working for us. Each year we hire dietetic and nutrition graduates and interns from the best universities. Our staff is frequently asked to participate as guests lecturers at many of these schools which gives us a close up look at potential candidates. Professors often recommend our programs to their students, and thus we are able to maintain an active list of highly skilled prospective employees.

We are Proud of Our Collegiate

Highly Qualified Candidates

Signature Services is one of a select few organizations designated by the U.S. State Department to sponsor foreign exchange students under the Work Travel Program.Visit our site - - for more information on our international program

It’s Easy To Get Started

Just fill out either the online or printable application forms.. You can fax the printable form to us. Or you can contact one of our work/travel program coordinators directly and discuss the exciting opportunities available at Signature Services Corporation.

Also visit our Work/Travel page for information on additional progams we offer.

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